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Leopard felt them raise her up and throw her into a wood cage. She tryed to snarl but couldnt she had used all of her strength on the way here to free herself. she had kicked and growled and barked and snarled and kicked some more to free herself but she couldnt. She felt herself thud onto the floor of the cage that was pulled by two beat horses. they both were het black but worn down. they were still young and hadnt been hooked up to the cart willingly. Her captors took off her bounds leting her get up but she couldnt shift her form for some reason. She looked over at the other end of the cart they're were other wolf's there and they were sitting contently in the cart.
"are you all s-shifters?" she asked them. They're heads turned around to look at here. There was about four of them there and they're colors were choclate and grey, black, white, and grey with the tip of its tail being white and up to its ankles she had white fur. The grey one spoke first.
"of course we are these humans only keep wolfs and pleasure pets" She said in a stirn tone
"o-ok what ever but I just w-want to know why they've c-captured us in our own t-territory none of the c-clans do that" She replied stammering. The choclate and grey one chuckled. "well it looks like finally the kingdoms sent out a shifter that can stand on they're own legs." The choclate and grey one said, before the grey one could speak. "`Im Larentey," The grey one said putting a paw on her chest. "this is shentar" She said pointing a paw at the black one. "hiya!" He said twisting his head backward, half upside down, half sideways. "this is Lurkasa" Larentey continued poitining her paw at the white wolf sitting there stareing at the convorsation. Lukasa and  Shentar were waering necklaces, that had white and black fangs on both of them. "hey" Said Lurkassa waveing a paw smileing.
" And that is Dawn's Dusk" she said pointing one of her toes at the choclate and grey wolf. He had his back the color of choclate, and his from his nose all the way down to the tip of his tail includeing his legs and paws was grey. Dawn's Dusk stood up and walked over to LeopardMask, He sniffed the moveless figure that was laying on her side panting to get air into her lungs.
"whats your name sweet heart?" Dawn's Dusk said siting down next to Leopard.
"L-LeopardMask" She manged to stammer. "its ok suger all of us were as weak as you were when they brang us into this cursed cage" Dawn's Dusk said grinning. LeopardMask managed to give a faint growl.
"no no Masky just rest for a while we'll wake you up if they bring us into the kingdom" Dusk said laying down on his belly next to her. She managed to growl again trying to get him to move away, but the growl only lasted one second, it required to much of her strength and she blacked out. Dusk got up and moved over to others.
"she'll be able to do it" He said with a unwavering voice sitting down. "we dont know that shes certainly got the will power, but she may not have the wits to take the task" Shentar said glancing over at the unconsius figure laying on her side at the back of the cage.
"did you not see her stop to defend the others?! she put her life on the line to save her comrades!" Dusk said getting up, the fur on his back was standing on end, his tail was up, his teeth were showing, long sharp in perfect condision white fangs, and a low growl was comeing out of his throat.
"now you tell me that thats not wits!" He continued in a sharp voice. Now the rest of the wolfs hade flipped over on they're backs in submition. Dawn's Dusk was one of the warshadows that had recently gone missing, he had a fearless additude and was one of the most disireble shifters in the clan. He had almost no emotions period. Unless it came to comrades getting killed in a fight by one of the enimies, then it became personal, His claws, teeth, tracking skills, hearing ability and voice was sharper the the sharpest sword in all the world. He feared no one and every one respected him and feared him in return. He was stronger then anything known to man he could run for days and never get tired. a few weeks ago he had lost his sister and his comrades while trying to get away from the wild cats and standers that had ambushed him. Once they had died and lay there limpless his eyes turned red and had killed all the Wild Cats that had killed his comrades. But before he killed the last one it had paralyzed him. The standers had gotten him into the cage, witch was cast with a spell that would not allow him to change forms and when ever he tryed to escape a stander was there to beat him until he submited and passed out. This was the reason for his behavment.
"yes thats wits, but..." said Lurkassa. "but what?" Dusk said in a more calm reasonable tone. "but she may be sent to the fields" Lurkassa replied in a low tone. Dusk tugged his head back and glanced at LeopardMask.
"thats probably whats going to happen but she seems to have a strong will and mind she could make it" Larentey said with a glum expression on her face.
"but no ones made it yet" Shentar said looking down watching the dirt road pass by through the cracks in the floor boards.
"Dusk we have to try and get her out while she has a chance" Larentey said putting a paw on Dusk's shoulder. "yea let her rest and then we're all going to get the hell out of here" Dusk said getting up and moveing to the corner he normally sat in, and sat down looking up at the millions and billions of stars up in the sky. Ever since his comrades who were like family to him had died he had lost his kindness. Every night he would look up at the stars and wish he had done something different to save his family. The others glanced at him sypatheticly, and moved over to where Leopard Mask was shivvering, They laid down around her to keep her warm. 'some one has to help dusk. Maybe you can LeopardMask.' Larentey thought as she placed her head next to hers......

LeopardMask dashed through the forest trying to make sense of what was happening she whirled around just in time to draw her claws out as.... Lady Jasmine! Leopard thought that it was wild cats chaseing her and now she had killed her mentor. She started to run again when she heard a faint voice calling.
"alright lets move!" Said a voice behind LeopardMask she was regaining consuicness. She slid her eye lids open to see Dusk's Dawn laying down in front of her head. He was stareing at her with dark brown eyes. 'I feel Like I've known him even before I was dragged here.' She thought.
"Well good morning LeoMarch" Dusk said with humor in his tone. he was geting up to help Leopard get up as well. "Its LeopardMask, Dusky Dusk" Leopard replied with a little sarcasm in her tone. Dusk chuckled a bit and to Leopards suprize, shifted into his human form.
"i thought we couldnt shift because there was some kind of spell." She said getting up. She had slept for well over three hours and was refreshed and had her strangth back. "they removed the spell just as you got up. They said theres no reason for it being on the cage, it has no openings small enough for us to escape. Even if we shifted into air theres another spell that wouldnt let us out" Dusk said sitting down next to Leopard. Now Leopard got a good look at him. He was wearing a tan tunic, That had a small picture, on the upper right hand corner, of a wolf riding a shadow. It was the warshadow symbal. He was wearing leather breaches and had black leather boots to go with it. She noted that slung around his chest was a bow string and a quiver. The warshadows carryed these and a sword for long distance fighting, as well as close combat. His hair was black as well, it had grown over the time period of being in the cage so he had a tan bandana around his forehead he had the features of a boy of fifteen, he was eightteen. seeing that the other had shifted as well and wore the same clothes only the tunics were different colors. Lurkassa wore a navy blue one, and she was wearing only a sword, LeopardMask guessed that she preffered to get her hands dirty first when battle came. Larentey wore a brown tunic and she had only two daggers and a bow, LeopardMask thought that she probably only used the daggers if she had no arrows and her bowstring was broke. Shentar wore a black tunic and he, like Dusk, was wearing both a sword and a bow. She shifted into her human form, she had adopted the use of the word human, she had been dressed differently when she was about to leave for the standers clans plans, She was wearing black breaches a dark green tunic and she had a sword as well, She also wore the black cloak Lady Jasmine had given to her. Dusk looked Leopard over then smacked her over the head so that her hood would fall off, The hood had been concealing her facial features.
"ow! what was that for?!" Said Leopard rubbing the back of her head. "No reason just thought i would" Dusk said leaning back on the cage. Leopard stared at him for a minute and Dusk took to note her features, some how recignizeing them. She had also black hair, Her was curly at the ends unlike the others, She had dyed it a different color because she didnt want any one recignizeing her, He recignized the fearless and Strong additude behind her Misty ice blue eyes.
"so short how did you get yourself into the same predicament as us? hmm?" Dusk said tugging her off her feet to sit down. She landed on her back side. She smacked Dusk back replied with a sharper tone then expected. "me and my friends from the orphanage and sister were sent to go get the enemys plans for the up comeing war. We were trapped by wild cats and humans, They had the parilyzes poison on thier claws, I got a cut on my wrist." She showed her wrist to Dusk witch wasn't healing and continued. "I got parilyzed and told Ice to go tell our mentors and not the king im not sure if he wasnt to one who is betraying us beside ive only seen him shift back before he had to go on a expadition to go ask the horse clan for help." Dusk looked at her one eye brow raised "Ice who?" He asked. "IceMask Pirkell and im her sister LeopardMask Pirkell." Leopard said Dusk's eyes widened "im Dawn's Dusk Pirkell!" He said with a voice of shock witch was rare. "i told you your sister got away" Said Lurkassa from the other side of the cage, The other three had been quietly talking so that they could listen to Dusk's convosation with LeopardMask un noticed. Dusk glared at Lurkassa for a long while until he said "the sister that had joined me was DustDevil and she didnt get away she fumbled off into the forest bleeding to death. So no she didnt get away!" Lurkassa farther into the corner she was sitting in. She had gotten into fights with Dusk before and they always turned out him being on top. "ok Dusk i didnt want to start a fight" Lurkassa replied quietly. After a quick touch on the shoulder by Leopard, Dusk calmed down and sat back in the cage. A few hours down the road, the humans seemed to think, that they were far enough from shifter territory so that the shifter they had caputer wouldnt get to far. They would starve, Thought Abigal DeathWish. Abigal was the most deadlyest rogue known to the four clans all of the creatures feared her, This is why she went by the name Abigal DeathWish her real name was DustDevil StarAce. She remembered back when she had been fighting for the shifters along side her brother and the night that all changed. Her,Her brother and a few other warshadows were going to go get the enemys plans for the slowly threatining perspective of a massive war between the clans that very well could destroy, All of the clans ocupants. They encountered wild cats with paralyzing poison on they're claws and standers waiting to catch them. She had gotten torn up incredibly mericless. She was near death when the humans had come and afford her healing in return for her service under King SharpHorn, Jentar SharpHorn was the king of the humans. They also told her that if she did they're service she would forget that she was a shifter and would become one of the most acomplished rogues in the human race. She had thought about the offer until finally she dicieded to join them. After King SharpHorn had enlisted her in the rogue training. He soon found out how she was much like her sisters. They seem like punks and outlanders at times, They may seem like they dont care or dont listen but if you thought that it would be a mistake. She was deathly sharp in her skills and could dish out incredible accuracy in attacks, in power, and in speed. She was incredibly loyal and it would take an amazing offer, like the one the humans had offered her when she was dieing in the forest, if she was going to turn from protecting her family and friends. Most people would mistake her for a self careing person. Her hole family was often mistaked like that. But inside, deep down where now one could see it, She was a very protective and loyal person. That day she had been wearing a, Darker then normal, Navy blue cloak, It was made of silk so she could slip through bushes and trees and it not get caught. She was wearing the same color tunic and breeches. Though down the outside, side of her breeches had pictures of white daggers crossing, They were running down both sides. Her hair was chestnut color and had a strip of white in the front of her hair near her cheek. She had black leather boots that went just above her ankles, If she wished them to they could make no noise period. Her reflexes were deathly sharp. She could have her sword in its scabared at one second and in the next it could be in your neck. She was riding a ghostly white horse one of the most youngest, strongest and fastest. Of course this horse did not come willingly. He had to be subdued. He served DustDevil only and would protect her with her life. Subdued horses were loyal to only the ones that subdued them, It had taken Devil a period of eight months to track down and subdue KingsStone. Now that he was loyal to her. She had bred him with the finest female in the human kingdom. She had gone to go find her brother and a few specific shifters. And she found the one she was looking for. LeopardMask
Chapter 10. Hope its good. Please leave a comment and tell me what u think

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