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River and Hannah walked back to the castle still in they're horse forms. "It does seem logical...But who are we to question the king" River asked putting a little stress in the word. King. Hannah shrugs. "Just though I would let you know" Hannah perks her ears hearing a few of her friends calling. "I gotta go. I will talk to you later though!"She called lopeing over to her friends. River nodded and turned around walking into the forest. After a little while she came to a little lake. She started drinking, still in her horse form, when she saw a little girl crying on the other side. She walked up to it and shifted into her human form. The little girl saw this and looked terrified. Like some one was holding a knife about to kill her. Like she was all alone. Like no one cared for her. Like some one had tryed to beat her. Like it was River who had beat her. Standing over her about to beat her again. The little girl had bruises and cuts all over her arms and legs. River knelt down next to her. The little girl tryed to move away.
"Hey..Its ok. I'm not going to hurt you" River says puting her hands in the air like a dog would do as a trick for its master. The little girl started crying and River got a good look at her....She looked like ScarHeart had when she found out she didnt' have long to live. She looked exactly like Scar. Same clothes but torn. Same hair, same everything. When River went to touch her. She dissappeared. Just faded away into dust in the wind. River frowned. The little girl she just now saw, Was a reminder of Scar's condition.. She was dieing and, if not takein care of, will die. The orphans on the Shifter kingdom. Never got any money. So they never went to a healer to be cured of diseases. The inkeepers of the orphanage only got the money to get them cured once a year. And that day would come to late. Right now Scar was in bed in a coma. The poison had done its work and only needed. About a day to finish killing her. The day they were supposed to see the healer. Was tomorrow and it would be to late to save Scar. It would have been today but they had to wait until all the children were back within one day. And Leopard was the only one missing. The little girl just now was a figure of what Scar looked like when her parents died. When they finally couldnt beat her any more. River had found her and brought her to the orphanage. Now River headed back to the orphanage. Hands in her pockets. She wore and black cloak with a skull on the middle in the back. She wore black not-so-tight breeches. And her jerkin was red. Dark red. Well it was time to go back to the orphanage. She frowned and went to go home. After getting home she went to Scar's bed. She was sleeping and Justin was sitting next to her. River frowned and looked at Justin. Scar had been sleeping ever since she got back. Witch was three days ago. Justin shook his head, and looked down. River frowned and cursed sighlently to Leopard. Then she moved to her bed. "Gosh darnit Leopard. If only you had'nt had stuck around to get yourself caught" She thought to herself. Just as she layed down she heard the front door swing open.

Mean while....

Leopard couldnt' stand waiting. The horses were rested and ready to go. She knew if she took the fastest, WildSky, The others would catch up later when she stoped. And she would have them grouped again. So she dicieded to leave the camp things where they were. She saddled WildSky. Put halters on Abby, and OceanBreeze. Then said "Giernantey" the horses understood what it meant and snorted. She got WildSky moveing before hopeing up on him. And running off. The horse seemed to know how to get to the shifter kingdom. He was very fast and hardy. And Leopard could trust him, not to go the wrong way, or, to throw her off. When she reached the kingdom. She felt the small vile-shaped bag on her hip. It carryed the cure for Scar.
WildSky wasnt even breathing hard, when they reached the gates. The gaurds recignized Leopard. And let the horse come chargeing through the gates. Leopard steered the horse towards the orphanage. And He picked his pace up, feeling Leopards urgentcy. Leopard had never seen a hose, travel such a great distance and at such a great speed. When they reached the orphanage. She jump of WildSky and ran inside. The door made a rather loud THUD sound on the wall. Leopard ran in, breathing hard and grabed the vile from her hip. She handed it to Justin, who was wide eyed. "Scar... Cure" was all Leopard could manage to say. At that moment Justin's eyes got bigger. And he snatched it from her. He carefully poured some of it into ScarHeart's mouth. And set it down on the floor. A few agonizeing minutes later. Scar swallowed the cure. And coughed a little. "Ugh.... That stuff tastes horrible...." she muttered rubbing her head slightly. Justin was now over joyed. She hugged her tightly "Im so glad your ok" he muttered to her. Scar smiled. I nodded. and climbed up onto my bed. Before floping down. At that moment a paw stepped on her stomach. "Oof!" she muttered and sat up. To have Nitaya start licking her face. She laughed and petted the husky. Before long SteelWind jumped up and greeted his owner. River jumped up onto Leopard's bed and hugged her tight. "You're back!!!" She said before letting her go. "How did you get away?! And what is that subdued horse doing here?! Did you bring it with you?! Is it a gift to the king?! Did-" River was cut off by Leopard. "Woah woah woah woah. One question at a time if you dont mind" she said laughing a little. River grinned. And after a moment, IceMask,Guiga,Justin,ScarHeart,Hannah and Menentar where all on the sorrounding beds smileing.
"Im so glad your back" Hannah said hugging Leopard. Leopard smiled and hugged Hannah, tightly. "Its no nice to see you..." She finished hugging every one, after Hannah, let go and sighed "Guys i need to tell you something..." Leopard said frowning. Hannah looked curious. "Oh wait. Let me go get HawkIce" She said before jumping down and running out the door to find HawkIce. Leopard sighed "Ok well. The thing is..." Leopard started to explain to every one. What she had discovered about the standers clan.
After about an hour. She stopped talking and every one sat there with wide eyes. "So once we stop the war... You have to go be an assasin? FOR THE HUMANS?!" IceMask exclaimed loudly. Leopard sighed and nodded slowly "Im kinda glad HawkIce didnt hear that...." Leopard said right as HawkIce walked up. "Glad i didnt hear, what?" He said grinning. As he climbed up onto Guiga's top bunk and sat down. Leopard jumped slightly. And glared at Hawk "Oh. Nuthin'" she said grinning. Hawk leaned over and pushed Leopard. So she fell over on top of River. He laughed seeing River's eyes get huge. "Haha. Come on tell me." Hawk said grinning widely. Leopard sighed, got off of River. Then explained what happened. When she was finished, HawkIce was sitting there with a blank expression on his face. LeopardMask sighed. And waited for his responce. He sat there for a good, five minutes. Before replying. "So we have to go get the charms? I thought those things were just stone" He said looking curious. Leopard shook her head "Dusk had a good eye. When he didnt see the title. Thats when we found out that the charms could save all the clans." Hawk nodded slightly, before shakeing his head. "No no. But you still havent told me; What didnt you want me to hear?" He asked curious shining bright in his eyes. Leopard clenched her hands. And explained what would happen. After she finished Hawk was sitting there with big eyes. "Ok first of all. WHY DID YOU AGREE TO THIS!!!! second of all. What on earth where you planning to do?!. Let them make you forget your memorie?!." Hawk asked looking at her like she was a total idiot. Leopard nodded. And started petting Nitaya. Her pets seemed to have understood what had happened. And where very quiet. Laying down. There was a very long. Akward. Silence between the friends. Leopard sighed finally. Jumped down from her bed. And started walking out the door. Hannah jumped down from the bed. And followed LeopardMask.
"Where are you going?" She asked curiously. Leopard stopped when she opened the door. "I have to stop the war."
Chapter 14. Please leave a comment and let me know what u think!!!!

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