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HawkIce jerked his head, to the way they came, and watched as Lady Kiorah and Lady Janessa, Came at a smooth lope, into the clearing. LeopardMask moved her eyes up to look at the two. SteelWind's ears perked and twitched in Lady Janessa's direction. After comeing to a stop, Janessa leaped off of Kiorah, and landed gracefully. She looked at LeopardMask and a smirk, quirked ever so slightly on her lips.
"We will need to have the charms within a week." She explained and Leopard nodded. SteelWind and Nitaya stood up and walked over to Lady Janessa, for some well-deserved attention. Lady Janessa bent down, and stroked the wolf and dog. The two yipped and barked, happily wagging they're tails. Lady Kiorah walked up to Hawk and nuzzled him. HawkIce fell back, against DodgeingArrows, before strokeing her rabbit soft muzzle. Lady Kiorah's eyes started drifting close, at his calming hand strokeing her muzzle. Lady Janessa had changed into her, riding, uniform. She puts on this uniform, when ever she goes out for long periods of time. She wore black breaches and a, dark brown, leather jerkin. She wore a, dark purple, cloak, that had branch and flower diseigns, all over the cloak, in a lighter purple. Her, waist length, hair was tyed back into a bun. Soon Lady Janessa was settled down, a little ways from the fire, and teaching the pets new tricks and such. Lady Kiorah was laying down, watching Lady Janessa teach DodgeingArrows. How to back flip away from an arrow. As soon as HawkIce had fallen asleep, Lady Janessa told the pets to continue without her, Lady Kiorah got up quietly. And they both went to LeopardMask. Leopard looked up and blinked.
"Did I do something?" She asked.
"No. But we need to talk to you. Come with us" Kiorah told her, and stood so she could get on. Leopard hopped on. And relaxed. Lady Kiorah's strong, smooth bodys heat seeped through her clothing, as she lay on her stomach, on Kiorahs back, before sitting up straight. She took a handfull over her mane. It felt as smooth and as cool as water through her fingers. Lady Janessa hopped, onto Kiorah, behind LeopardMask. And Lady Kiorah walked through the tree's. After a while, Kiorah came to a secluded glade, with a pond in the middle, Flowers of all colors, wound they're ways around the tree's. Leopard slid off of Kiorah and looked around in awe. The flowers fraigrance drifted a little ways from them. Leopard walked forward and sniffed one of them. Her nose catching its sweet scent easily. Leopard smiled, before turning around.
"How-" She started to ask, when Lady Janessa held up her hand, to stop the question flowing from Leopard's mouth. Lady Janessa had used her magic and changed into her more comfortable kimono. She tucked her hands into her sleeves and looked at Leopard.
"We have come to talk to you about HawkIce." She told her. Leopard blinked. "Ok then why here?" She replyed dumb-founded. Lady Janessa grinned. "You did not notice? Even when HawkIce is asleep. His ears never stop listening. We had to take you some where, where he wouldn't hear us" The shifter queen replyed. Little did she know, that HawkIce, was laying flat on his stomach at the edge of the clearing. Makeing sure he was downwind. He listened carefully. He almost backed up a few steps, when LeopardMask, had walked over to where he was, and sniffed a flower.
"Hn. Yeah, I noticed. So what is it you need from me?" She asked tenseing a little. Lady Kiorah replyed this time, standing directly behind Lady Janessa. "We noticed you're reactions to eachother. You are a couple are you not?" She asked, curiousity glinting in her eyes for a moment. Leopard tensed further. "N-n-no! We-We're just friends!" She exclaimed, makeing 'no' gestures with her hands. HawkIce glared at the back of LeopardMask's head. 'What is she talking about!? I kissed her didn't I?! Either I did or I was dreaming. I doubt it though! So if I did then yes we are a couple!' The rash part of his brain thought, the sesneible part thought. 'Well duh! I have to ask her! Speaking. Err. Thinking. Of wich. When is she gonna give me her reply?!' He continued theses thoughts, until the next comment.
"Then explain that kiss yesterday." Lady Janessa asked. LeopardMask was shocked, her tensed up scent spiked to new levels. "How did you-" She started but couldn't find enough breath to continue. Lady Janessa smiled. "So, my scout was correct. You two are a couple." She continued. Leopard's hands balled into fists, she felt her, sharper then normal, finger nails, dig into her skin, and her knuckels go white. "You were spying!" She exclaimed. Lady Janessa didn't give her time to continue. "Why do you continue a realtionship, when you have to go be an assasin, when the war is over?" LeopardMask growled at her. "It isn't a realtionship! I haven't given him an answer!" She replied heatedly. Kiorah was taken aback by this. "Oh? That is interesting. And what, may I ask, where you going to say?" Kiorah asked curiously. By now HawkIce was close to jumping out of the bushes himself, it was hard to reign in his angered scent. They were openly accusing him and LeopardMask. Sure everything was true, but still. They had no right to spy on them. But his anger calmed when he heard, Lady Kiorah's, curious question. His gaze darted, from the two queens, to LeopardMask. He narrowed his eyes at her un-balled fists, and noticed her palms were bleeding. He listened closely for her answer, that seem to take for ever to come from her lips.
"Yes" She muttered, before looking up at the two queens. Lady Janessa smiled. "Then HawkIce, you may come out" She said her eyes closed, looking down. His head shot up. 'She knew I was here? How?' he thought to himself as he stood. LeopardMask whirled around with a suprised look on her face. Before turning back around, as, HawkIce stepped beside her and stared at the two queens, arms folded. Lady Janessa opened her eyes, and looked at the pair,  before smileing warmly.
"Truly a good pair." She muttered before continueing. "HawkIce, I am sure you are aware of LeopardMask's situation" She stated. HawkIce nodded any ways. "Good. Then you know that when she has to leave you will be broken hearted. Correct?" She asked. HawkIce clenched his teeth and nodded. Lady Janessa sighed. "And yet you choose to stay with her?" She continued. When HawkIce nodded a third time she smiled. "You are a rare breed of men, HawkIce. You will stay with a women, whom you know is going to leave, and do not let go. A rare breed indeed." She continued. HawkIce grinned slightly. Lady Janessa's smile grew until it reached her ears. "I will speak with SharpHorn. You will not become an assasin LeopardMask" LeopardMask nearly fell over from both shock, and the sudden loss of blood. She took a closer look at her hands and noticed how deep, and how long the wounds were. She let her arms fall back to her sides, and smiled widely at the Lady's. "Thank you very much. My lady's. You have no idea how much that means." She told them. Lady Kiorah replied this time. "It is no trouble, now." She continued. As Lady Janessa, used her magic, to change back into her riding uniform. "Me, and Janessa, are going to go hunt for dinner. I trust you can find your way back?" She asked LeopardMask. Leopard nodded, and Lady Janessa, slipped, onto Lady Kiorah and the two took off.
As soon as they were out of earshot, HawkIce turned to LeopardMask and grabbed her hands.
"Let me see those wounds" he demanded. She un-clenched her fists, she didn't know she was clenching. HawkIce's eyes widened, and he tugged her back to the camp. As soon as they got back, he walked over to DodgeingArrows, and grabed a roll of bandages, out of his pack, strapped to, DodgeingArrows rump. He ran back over to Leopard, and, after sitting her down, began to bandage her hands.
"You really, shouldn't dig your claws into your palms." He told her, not looking up from his task. She shrugged. "I always do it. It's a bit of a habbit so. No big deal" She replied. HawkIce stopped, and looked up at her, like she had just grown another head. "No big deal!?" He exclaimed. "This is a bit of a big deal! Some day you could lose to much blood. And I may not be there to help you!" She rolled her eyes. "Can we get off the subject, before we wake up the forest?" She asked sounding, exasperated. HawkIce rolled his eyes, and shrugged. "Sure. But if you do, don't blame me" He replied, smirking. Leopard gasped, at him, before growling "Hey!" She said, smirking. "I won't be the one hiding behind me" She finished. Just as she finished, HawkIce finished bandageing her hands. He shape shifted into his wolf form, wich was now a golden-brown, color and tackled her. Leopard squeaked, in suprise, before shape shifting into her own, newly re-formed wolf form. Because of the shape shifters, constant, change in wolf color, this acted as an advantage to spys. They could be used time and time again, without being noticed. She was now a brown and tan wolf. The top part of her was brown and the bottom was tan. She kicked HawkIce off, and got to her feet, only to be met with another tackle. HawkIce pinned LeopardMask down, grinning. Leopard pinned her ears back, and flipped over, before crawling out from under him. He stepped on her tail, and she squeaked, before kicking out, she hit him in the nose, and whirled around pinng, him, down. She grinned. "I win" She said, just as Lady Janessa, and, Lady Kiorah, came back. With a two, white tail, deer, for dinner.
Okay. So I dicied the two queens, would be smarter then they looked XDD. Okay but any who. Please let me know what you think

The clan wars (c) me
The characters (c) I own only HawkIce the kings and queens. And LeopardMask the others go to some of my good friends
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