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Chapter 3

LeopardMask dashed into the orphanage and yelled "IceMask,Guiga,River,Scarheart,HawkIce,Justin i got somethin to ask you guys!" before she had finished yelling, her two dogs SteelWind, he was a black husky with white spots on his nose, his lower back and the tip of his tail looked like it had been dipped in a can of white paint he had firey orange eyes. the other dog how ever was a alskan husky this dog had teal eyes was black on the top and white on the bottom her name was Nitaya. these two dogs were her most trusted compainion where ever they were she was unless she was at the castle practiceing. SteelWind  and Nitaya were barking and spinning this was the single for her friends to come and see what LeopardMask had learned from the castle. they also were shape shifters, but each shape shifter was assiegned a certan trainer from the castle this specific group of shifters had been surprizeingly fast learners. the rate they had been learning they're spells techniecs battle tactics and shape shifting abilitys was increbible. the normal rate for a shifter to learn was five spells per week this batch was learning fifteen spells in five days!. the shape shifting prophecys had fortold that the war would occer, that there would be a battle on the shattering grasslands of Kenerston, that six orphan shape shifters would learn at such a rate that when the one named LeopardMask had lost her tail and her ears that they would secure the enemys plans and save the Shifter clan.
this specific day was very special in the orphanage it was LeopardMasks birthday. "Justin,IceMask,Guiga,River,ScarHeart,HawkIce! hellloooo!!! anybody here!" she yelled walking down the hall that led from the door of the orphange into the main sleeping,eating and playing room. the orphanages owners did not have alot of money so they only had one room. most of the time the children would play a board game or go out side and play with they're pets. it was a shape shifter law that any orphan was given two pets of they're choice they would need compainions so often the pets would climb up into they're masters, well more friends then masters, and would sleep with them to keep them warm as they did not have very thick blankets. she looked at her two compainions one a wolf and one a husky she whispered to both of them "Guernta" Nitaya and SteelWind knew what it ment, it ment be on gaurd. Lady Jasmine and Sir Lerseron after being tugged and pulled and begged at by the orphanages kids to come help them plan the party along with IceMasks mentor Miss Trivacka, she was already at the orphanage helping prepare the party. "hello!" Called LeopardMask. as she entered the large room its walls were red and also like Lady Jasmines cloak it had the same navy blue swirl disiegns on the wall. The walls were lined with bunk bed where the kids slept with there animals, one girl had picked a hawk as her pet it would sleep on her bed rail and when ever another child would come to talk with its master, it would greet them warmly. but strangly all the animals and pet were laying on there owners well more friends then owners bed. then as she stoped in the middle of the room her pets relaxed, and cheers erupted from under the beds and above them. her friends came charging up with they're pets right beside them. "IceMask,River,Guiga,ScarHeart,HawkIce!" exclaimed LeopardMask "happy birthday sissy!" Said IceMask handing LeopardMask a pourly wraped gift "thanks Ice!" said Leopard takeing the gift "its from all of us. even Lady Jasmine Sir Lerseron and Miss Travacka!" said IceMask. Lady Jasmine,Sir Lerseron and Miss Travacka stepped out of the shadows. "wow thanks!" said Leopard. She opened the gift and inside it was a dagger its hilt was made of gold and where you would hold it had brown cloth wrapped around it the blade itself was silver its had the swirls around it as most of of the things in Lairifona the land the shifters called home. this time she let her emotions show she was surprized to also find in there a egg. She picked up the dagger and the egg Nitaya came forward grabed the box in her mouth and went to go throw it away. She tilted her head to one side "what kind of egg is it?" she asked stareing at the red green and blue striped egg "no one knows it was recently found in the mountains of disaster" said Lady Jasmine "the king took one look at it and said that it should be given to the most recent graduate of shifter training and that was you" continued Sir Lerseron but LeopardMask shook her head and said " i already have two pets they're my most trusted compainions but my sister only got one puma as her pet" this was true her sister, IcMask, was going to choose to pumas, or a puma and a snake, but one puma was all they had left at the time and she couldnt go back and get another one later so she took the puma gladley. "i think this egg should go to IceMask" Leopard said handing the egg to IceMask. Ice smiled and took the egg smileing "thanks a million sis!" Ice said hugging her sister. but just then as Nitaya left the room she came back in and barked over the box. Lady Jasmine walked over to where Nitaya was standing and took the box. "oh there was more then one of the eggs it was a hole cluth all of the children of the orphanage was to be given one by order of the queen" said Lady Jasmine. all of the children rushed over to her to claim a egg when all of the eggs had been given out all of the children were makeing area by they're beds or in they're beds. The dining hall was filled with chatter when they had gone to eat supper. Lady Jasmine had been siting at the eating table next to Sir Lerseron, who was next to his student Hawk Ice. Hawk Ice was the newer boy in the orphanage he was also a favorite of the kings shifters. Hawk Ice was eating heartely next to his mentor. Every so often Hawk would glance across the table to where the girls were siting. Lerseron noticed this and bumped Hawk Ice so that he almost fell backward. Hawk regained his balance and looked at Lerseron. Lerseron looked at the boy and smiled, Hawk Ice was like a son to Lerseron. Even though he was merely the boys mentor the two had become quite close. Lerseron had'nt told Hawk Ice yet but he had been geting a room ready in his house for the boy. When Hawk Ice turned sixteen in two weeks Lerseron had planned to adopt him. Hawk returned to his plate he had almost washed it clean himself. The orphans only had two meals a day and one or two light snacks in between so when supper came they all ate rather well. Hawk glanced over to the girls side again, as all the boys did every once in a while, but Hawk would do it more then the other boys. Lerseron saw him glance to the girls side again and followed his gaze to the reason of the great feast the orphanage was previded for a birthday. Hawk had been glanceing at Leopard Mask. Lerseron chuckled to himself and took to note her features. Her hair was jet black her eyes were red, one of the rare eye colors, her face was careing yet deadly and protective. She had been wearing that day the same clothing she always wore, a black shirt with the large green star in the middle, surrounded in a circle by smaller orange stars. She also wore a black short skirt, and she had found a small chain in one of her adventures around the castle, and used it as a belt. She also wore grey leggings that went just lower then her knees. She also wore black leather boots with large white stars on the side. Lerseron got up from the dining table. "come along Hawk lets you and me go for a walk" he said looking at Hawk Ice. Hawk shrugged got up and went with Sir Lerseron.
chapter 3

The clan wars: (c) me
Characters: (c) i only own LeopardMask. The rest go to all my buddys ^.^

Let me know what you think!

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great work! .D.
and i had cuestion,i want to draw Scar heart and her pets :3 andand i'm just wondering,are they anthros or humans? o3o
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