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Chapter 4.

Hawk Ice had to run to catch up to his mentor who had already started walking down the long hall towards the door. Lerseron opened the door for the young shifter to step through. Normally when this happened Hawk was in trouble. "Well Hawk I have to say I have never seen your attention so deverted from your food, I saw you glanceing at that girl across the table, is there something you havent told me?" Said Sir Lerseron. Hawk Ice had previeusly told his mentor that he had made a new friend on day one of being in the orphanage. at the time he hadnt been able to make any friends even though he was welcomed warmly, the only friends he had at the time were his pets. HonestShadow his Jaguar and DodgeingArrows his baby Griffon. On his first night he didnt have a very thick blanket like most of the kids, the Wife of the owner had forgotten to give him his, Even though he had HonestShadow and DodgeingArrows to keep him warm it was a winter night and he was shivering like crazy. On the bunk above him LeopardMask had heard him shivering, so she had silently like she had been trained to do, jumped off of her bunk with a thick blanket she always kept in case she needed it, and had covered the shivering boy. His jaguar and his griffon both had lifted up they're heads and smiled in they're own way. Hawk waked up startled, and sat up quickly when he saw her smileing face he thanked her wraped it around himself and started to go to sleep, when she kissed him gently on his cheek. When he had flipped over to look at her she was already settleing in her top bunk with her compainions.
Hawk shook his head when he realized his mentor was stareing at him smiling. "ummm nope I've told you everything!" he said as they walked his voice slightly trembleing. "Hawk its ok really I'm your mentor this would stay between us" Lerseron said as he sat down on a balcony. They had walked over to Lerserons two story house, and had walked out to the balcony "well.." Hawk began as his voice trailed off. Lerseron smiled and patted a area next to him. Hawk walked forward and sat down next to his mentor with his legs dangling off the edge, he was kicking them back and forth displaying his discomfort. "Hawk that girl across the table, isnt she the girl that gave you that blanket the first night you were at the orphanage?" asked Lerseron, Hawk nodded and replied "yeah but she did something else that night I didn't tell you about" Lerseron raised an eye brow "what did she do?" he asked Hawk by now was rubbing his palms together and gritting his teeth. Lerseron reached over to him, grabing his hands to stop the rubbing. Hawk had been forming a rash where he had been rubbing and it itched like crazy most of the time. some times it would even bleed. "Hawk its ok i wont tell her or any one" Said Lerseron trying to comfort his young student "well she leaned over DodgeingArrows and kissed my cheek, by the time I had sat up she had retreated to her bunk" Hawk replied. Lerseron was now smileing gently knowing what the pour boy was going through. "also while i was running around the castle grounds she had appeared out of no where. apperantly she was playing with SteelWind and Nitaya" Hawk Continued. Now Lerseron was interested in where this was going. "when she spotted me she asked her compainions to return to the orphanage and was walking up to me" Hawk paused he was rubbing his palms again. Lerseron grabbed his hands again "you've got to stop rubbing some day it might break your wrists" Said Lerseron. Hawk quit rubbing, put his hands on the edges on the balconie and continued "we chatted for a while then the supper bell rang and she was about to go when she turned around and kissed me" Lerseron smiled and said "ahh yes i now see why you constantly eye her from across the table other then from the fact shes atracctive in her own way" Hawk looked up at his mentor who was smileing at him "i think you should ask why she did that it will get her attention, she'll probably take you some where and kiss you again" Hawk smacked his mentors shoulder lightly. the two were such close friends that he could smack him,slap him,talk back to him or what ever. "hahaha teaseing boy only teaseing" said Lerseron riseing. Hawk also got up and yawned. It was almost midnight and he could see the last light in the orphanage burning, they had been waiting for him to return. "thanks for the talk dad!. I mean Lerseron" Lerseron looked at the boy in suprize. Then smiled "its ok you can call me that if you wish" Said Lerseron leaning down to hug the boy. Hawk smiled and said "ok dad thanks again though i really needed to tell that to some one" Hawk was speaking while hugging Lerseron "no problem Hawk now you had better get back to the orphanage before you have to stay here for the night better hurry!" Said Lerseron releaseing Hawk Ice. Hawk nodded and shifted into his hawk form. Lerseron smilled and yelled after him "good luck my boy!"
This is chapter four. I know its cheezy but hey its me first book. I cant help it if i fail completely

next chapter [link]
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