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just as the king was about to speak, a ear pierceing cry erupted from out side, it sounded like a crying dog in pain, a moose sounding to ward off others and a dragon shriek of pain mixed together and two times as loud, the shifter were used to this how ever, as this normally occured when they saw orphans running around the forest. The king said "yes i approve now hurry you must get to the border before dawn or the mission will not be succsesful" the seven children nodded, bowed, put they're hoods up and walked out of the throne room.

once out the LeopardMask made a gesture of thriumph and petted her two barking compainions. "yes! were getting to go on a mission! sweet!" said Hawk Ice as they walked down the path towards the walled boundries of the castle grounds. "this doesnt mean we're gonna be made into warshadows" said LeopardMask. Warshadows were the shifters top group of warriors they were vertually unbeatable but they had died a long time ago from poison in they're drinks. The king was now looking for new Warshadows before they're clan was destroyed.
They had been walking for almost seventeen hours when they found a area surrounded by bush. When they had set up camp they made a fire. What they used to sleep in was a two small tents that one had four small sleeping bags. the other had three. "ok gang lets finish makeing the SMALL fire and then lets eat!" said LeopardMask rubbing her hands together. After they finished eating, and River had finished washing the dishes. "ok people look alive we are in the middle of a war a very dangorus one at that its very deadly because the standing people have hackers and they hack at our heads the sharp hacking thingy ma bobers" said LeopardMask laughing. After finished talking the rest of them started laughing as well.
"ok nows kidos here hows watch is gonna go i'll take first then Scar then Ice then Guiga then River the Hawk and Then Justin memorize that." LeopardMask said looking around curiously then she made a gesture with her fingers and SteelWind and Nitaya came bounding up to her and stood be her sides "ill wake up scar when i get tired" LeopardMask continued pulled out her bow from her pack that she had and slung her quiver around her back. And walked towards a rock that would give her a clear vew of the campsite. When every one was geting up to go to bed Justin grabbed Hawks arm. "Hawk go ask her remeber what i said oh and if you dont i wont talk to you for a week" Justin said. Hawk frowned, Jerked his arm free of Justins grasp and walked towards  where Leopard was siting with her compainions laying down on either side of her. She had her cloak on it was black solid black, Her hood was also up conciling her face. She was wearing her regular clothes and the bow she had was strung with a arrow.
"Hey umm i wanted to ask you somethin" Hawk said rubbing his palms. LeopardMask looked up, flung her hood back exsposeing her  chestnut choclate colored straight hair. Her hair was half way down to her elbows in length, and normally she would were some kind of black flower in her hair. "yes?" she said looking at him curiously, by the time she was asking the question, The pets had gone into the forest to play. "well..." said Hawk rubbing his hands furiously now. Leopard raised one of her eye brows seeing the act, jumped down off the rock she was siting on watching, pulled out a bandage she had in her cloak and started wraping Hawks hands, That had started bleeding. Hawk grinned and glanced over at Justin who was leaning on a tree trunk grinning widely. Hawk made a warning face at Justin, Justin frowned and went into the tent with river and Ice waiting for Hawk to come in as well so they could get some sleep. "you know Justins making me ask you this because if i didnt he wouldnt talk to me for a week" said Hawk. Leopard hid a grin half knowing what he was going to ask. "would you go out with me?" He asked. Leopard looked up at him "umm i uh-" She started but was cut off by the famillier yelp from SteelWind. She turned around grabbed her bow. "come on lets go find out what happened" She said grabbing Hawks arm and dashed off after the yelp. When they reached SteelWind she bent down next to her friend "hmm thats wrong" she said releaseing Steels paw from the trap he had been caught in. "whats wrong?" asked hawk not seeing the signifagance in the trap
"this trap" She said pointing to the trap she left after she had released steel from it. it had teeth on both sides of the trap that would clamp shut on its victum. only this trap would sling a rope around its victums legs to keep it from running. The strings were tied to a tree. A couple of meters away. Leopard released steel from both of the restraints and was muttering a spell to heal Steels wounds. "so? it could be one of ours" Hawk suggjested shrugging. But Leopard shook her head "no thats not right our traps are just the jaws on either side not the ropes.... the ropes are the..." She paused and then contiued "wild cats" she said turning slowly and caught a glimps of a moveing pitch black jaguar. Her eyes widened and she said "Mentes!" it ment be on guard. Two seconds after she said that she grabbed Hawks arm and started makeing a dash for the camp site. Aperrantly the wild cats had seen the smoke and was going to push the line of they're territory even farther. Hawk looked at her while they were running and nodded, she nodded back, let go of his arm and shifted into a cheetah, Hawk followed her act and shifted into a cheetah. They're animals werent far behind them they were trained to keep up with they're masters no matter what.
"wake up!" Hawk screamed he came into the camp. not two seconds after he shouted the others were out and had patted out the fire.
"wheres Leopard?" River asked as she came out with her wolves. Hawk whirled around and gasped. LeopardMask was not with him.
"oh no she must have stopped to hold off the wild cats!" Hawk replied with alarm. Ice, Scar and River needed to hear no more. They had shifted into wolf forms and were makeing a dash over to were Hawk indacated where Leopard was.
Chpater seven.... I hope its better then the rest.

Chapter 1 [link]
Next chapter [link]
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