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LeopardMask hissed at the eight Lynxs surrounding her. She was in her Lion form and her eyes were blood red. The Lynxs were paceing in a circle around her hissing back as well. She whirled around just in time as a Lynx dashed forward claws drawn and was about to cut her up. She countered by whirling around, drawing her own claws and sticking them into the Lynxs... stomach?. She had aimed for her neck but aperrantly the lynx had made it so she hit her stomach, a none leathal hit. She hissed in anger, took her other claw and slashing the lynxs neck open.
"how did you know we were here?" she asked the lynxs. They had laughed as they appeared in the way the indacated that the group had fallen into they're trap.
"lets just say we have an inside man" said a lynx grinning. "then thats enough talkin isnt it? you dont want me to go back to the castle knowing this do you?" she replied grinning also. The lynx behind her took the chance and leapt onto her back and dug its claws into her side. She yowled and hissed, She had been trained in situations like this took not throw yourself about but flip over on you back and slam down on your opponet. Witch would nock em out for a while.
She hissed once more and fliped over on her back slamming down on the lynx. Sure enough it lay there out cold. She whirled around just in time to get three of another lynxs claws to scrap down her eye leaveing three cuts, that would turn into scars. She hissed once more and realized that her legs were begining to lock and not moveing her head. she took a glance at all the lynx's claws. Dangit! they had the parilyzing poison on they're claws, and it was takeing affect. She inscintivly shifted into her wolf form. She was choclate with three white ankle high socks, Her right back Leg had a hip high white sock. She had white spots on her rump. And her tail also looked as if it had been duncked in white paint and never washed off. Her eyes were always blood red. She had a peach hair flock that covered her eyes. But she could still see. She also had iron bands around her four ankles and around the start of her tail near her rump. She had a necklace that had a yellow star on it. She realized that the poison affect lingered in all of her forms. Normally if a shifter was poisoned they simply had to change forms to recorver. She growled and snarled nearly falling on the ground but recovered
" get away from her!" came a hissing. She whirled her head around and saw Hawk bounding up with the others. She smiled and tryed to move foward but fell. She growled again realizeing that a few of the standers from they're clan had come and was dragging her off. The other lynx's were fighting off Hawk and the others.
"Ice get the others back to the castle tell them about the inside man!" She managed to howl. Ice nodded as she killed another of the lynx's. The reamaining three lynx's had made they're way back to where the standers were tyeing up LeopardMask. Hawk, River, and Scar. Went to go destroy the rest of the invaders. But Justin Guiga and Ice got in front of them.
"we have to go tell our mentor's what we've learned. We will come back for Leopard but for now we have to go tell them." Guiga said his voice shakeing. Hawk stood there for a minute watching them tye the ropes so they almost cut off blood flow. He shifted into his wolf form. He was grey on the top of his body but under him, it went all the way from the tip of his tail under to his nose, was black. his eyes were Ice blue. He gritted his teeth then gave in and went to go pack up the camp.......

Leopard felt them raise her up and throw her into a wood cage. She tryed to snarl but couldnt she had used all of her strength on the way here to free herself. she had kicked and growled and barked and snarled and kicked some more to free herself but she couldnt. She felt herself thud onto the floor of the cage that was pulled by two beat horses. they both were het black but worn down. they were still young and hadnt been hooked up to the cart willingly. Her captors took off her bounds leting her get up but she couldnt shift her form for some reason. She looked over at the other end of the cart they're were other wolf's there and they were sitting contently in the cart.
"are you all s-shifters?" she asked them. They're heads turned around to look at here. There was about four of them there and they're colors were choclate and grey, black, white, and grey with the tip of its tail being white and up to its ankles she had white fur. The grey one spoke first.
"of course we are these humans only keep wolfs and pleasure pets" She said in a stirn tone
"o-ok what ever but I just w-want to know why they've c-captured us in our own t-territory none of the c-clans do that" She replied stammering. The choclate and grey one chuckled. "well it looks like finally the kingdoms sent out a shifter that can stand on they're own legs." The choclate and grey one said, before the grey one could speak. "`Im Larentey," The grey one said putting a paw on her chest. "this is shentar" She said pointing a paw at the black one. "hiya!" He said twisting his head backward, half upside down, half sideways. "this is Lurkassa" Larentey continued poitining her paw at the white wolf sitting there stareing at the convorsation. Lukassa and  Shentar were wareing necklaces, that had white and black fangs on both of them. "hey" Said Lurkassa waveing a paw smileing.
" And that is Dawn's Dusk" she said pointing one of her toes at the choclate and grey wolf. He had his back the color of choclate, and his from his nose alll the way down to the tip of his tail includeing his legs and paws was grey. Dawn's Dusk stood up and walked over to LeopardMask, He sniffed the moveless figure that was laying on her side panting to get air into her lungs.
"whats your name sweet heart?" Dawn's Dusk said siting down next to Leopard.
"L-LeopardMask" She manged to stammer. "its ok suger all of us were as weak as you were when they brang us into this cursed cage" Dawn's Dusk said grinnin. LeopardMask managed to give a faint growl.
"no no Masky just rest for a while we'll wake you up if they bring us into the kingdom" Dusk said laying down on his belly next to her. She managed to growl again trying to get him to move away, but the growl only lasted one second, it required to much of her strength and she blacked out. Dusk got up and moved over to others.
"she'll be able to do it" He said with a unwavering voice sitting down. "we dont know that shes certainly got the will power, but she may not have the wits to take the task" Shentar said glancing over at the unconsius figure laying on her side at the back of the cage.
"did you not see her stop to defend the others?! she put her life on the line to save her comrades!" Dusk said getting up, the fur on his back was standing on end, his tail was up, his teeth were showing, long sharp in perfect condision white fangs, and a low growl was comeing out of his throat.
"now you tell me that thats not wits!" He continued in a sharp voice. Now the rest of the wolfs hade flipped over on they're backs in submition. Dawn's Dusk was one of the warshadows that had recently gone missing, he had a fearless additude and was one of the most disireble shifters in the clan. He had almost no emotions period. Unless it came to comrades getting killed in a fight by one of the enimies, then it became personal, His claws, teeth, tracking skills, hearing ability and voice was sharper the the sharpest sword in all the world. He feared no one and every one respected him and feared him in return. He was stronger then anything known to man he could ran for days and never get tired. a few weeks ago he had lost his sister and his comrades while trying to get away from the wild cats and standers that had ambushed him. Once they had died and lay there limpless his eyes turned red and had killed all the Wild Cats that had killed his comrades. But before he killed the last one it had paralyzed him. The standers had gotten him into the cage, witch was cast with a spell that would not allow him to change forms and when ever he tryed to escape a stander was there to beat him until he submited and passed out. This was the reason for his behavment.
"yes thats wits, but..." said Lurkassa. "but what?" Dusk said in a more calm reasonable tone. "but she may be sent to the fields" Lurkassa replied in a low tone. Dusk tugged his head back and glanced at LeopardMask.
"thats probably whats going to happen but she seems to have a strong will and mind she could make it" Larentey said with a glum expression on her face.
"but no ones made it yet" Shentar said looking down watching the dirt road pass by through the cracks in the floor boards.
"Dusk we have to try and get her out while she has a chance" Larentey said putting a paw on Dusk's shoulder. "yea let her rest and then we're all going to get the hell out of here" Dusk said getting up and moveing to the corner he normally sat in, and sat down looking up at the millions and billions of stars up in the sky. Ever since his comrades who were like family to him had died he had lost his kindness and emotions. Every night he would look up at the stars and wish he had done something different to save his family. The others glanced at him sypatheticly, and moves  over to where Leopard Mask was shivvering, They laid down around her to keep her warm. some one has to help dusk. Maybe you can LeopardMask. Larentey thought as she placed her head next to hers.
Chpater 9. Hope every one like it please leave a comment and tell me what u think!

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