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SparrowClaw leaped after her father's swishing tail. He tugged it out of the way and pinned her down with a paw. "Pup" He said in an even, and agrresive tone. SparrowClaw looked up hesitantly. He narrowed his eyes. "Pup if you wish to, ever. So much as pin my tail down, you must be fast. And silent. You were being as clumsy, As a three legged elk." He told her lifting his paw off her head. SparrowClaw whimpered. And stood up shaking her fur, and siting proudly. She bared her teeth and growled, at a few apperentice wolves, who where snickering at her. They imeadeantly stopped and darted away. She nodded and starting trotting over to a group of warriors, surrounding one of the leaders, of the Yang's. She was assigning jobs, SparrowClaw sat down around the inner circle, and craned her head to see what was happening. "Where are my apperentice's!" She barked bareing her teeth. SparrowClaw whimpered. She always had a nasty. temper when kept waiting. The rest of the apperentice's appeared, just as the last word left her mouth. They sat at the edge of the circle. She snorted and started barking out orders. SparrowClaw stood up and stepped to the front when her name was called. "SparrowClaw! IronStripe! TreeSong! RavenTalon! And QuickPaw! You will go to the western area's and hunt. We need more food supplies!" She said looking over the assembled wolves. SparrowClaw looked over at her father. IronStripe stood proudly. Listening closely as, Tasha, the leader barking out orders, described out much food they needed and where exactly the elk, deer, and such, herds were. She narrowed her eyes and flicked her tail crossly. She had been trying to figure out which side of her parents her markings came from. She was a blue wolf with darker blue marking. And IronStripe, was white and black. And her mother SeaCrystal. Well she could sort of believe she got her markings from her. Her mother was white and black she-wolf as well. But she had a couple of blue and tan markings on her tail. She shrugged. A mystery for a later date. She snapped her head back to attention, when she heard her name being called again. Tasha growled and shoved her face in SparrowClaw. "When you are told to do somthing. PAY ATTENTION. There is no room for slackers here!" She howled in her face. SparrowClaw scowled, and snapped her jaws just short of Tasha's muzzle. "I know what I'm supposed to do. I don't need you to tell me!" She retorted. She saw, out of the corner of her eye, her father grinning proudly. She stalked over to him. And charged out of the pack's camp. With IronStripe in the lead. And RavenTalon bringing up the rear. SparrowClaw was glad to be out of the dening area. The wolves there, were not only way to violent. But they use they're dark powers for the worst. SparrowClaw was disgusted with them, when fights would break out, between two wolves. And it would take almost until mid-day for them to calm down, or break up the fight. IronStripe lead the way, setting a fast pace through the tree's heading towards, a well known meadow, that the elk herds graze in. IronStripe slowed down to a half stalk half trot. And headed around to the meadow. He flicked the tip of his tail, and the wolves spread out. The elk herds were rather plump, during this time of year. And there was an elder just outside of the herd. IronStripe slowly started creeping up, from behind. And the other wolves pressed in from the sides, SparrowClaw flexed her thorn sharp claws. And crept up silently. The herd caught scent, and took off. The elder bolted, And IronStripe launched. Missing by a few claw-lengths. He growled and charged after it. SparrowClaw, swerved toward's it's side and lept up. Landing squarely on it's back. She dug her fangs into it's neck, slowing it down considerably. Soon IronStripe bit into it's leg. The elder's steps faltered and it landed with a thump, on it's side. The other wolves soon grasped it's neck between they're teeth, and the elder died. IronStripe sat up, his muzzle covered in blood. And nodded his approval to SparrowClaw. She barked before starting to help carry it back to the den's.
They returned just as the sun was setting. Tasha looked up from her apperentice and smiled. "Good catch! Put it on the pile and get yourselves somthing to eat. The other hunting groups caught some foxes." SparrowClaw dragged the kill over to the kill-pile. And set it down. She looked up and froze. There in the gorse of the branches. That enclosed they're den's. Was two Ice blue eyes stareing at her. IronStripe looked over and widened his eyes. Seeing the pair of eyes stareing at his daughter. He growled 'Not this time' he thought. "SparrowClaw! come it's time to bring up the night sky!" He barked. SparrowClaw looked over at her father then looked back at the gorse. She cocked her head to the side. The pair of eyes were gone. She shook her head and turned around. She headed over to the gathering wolves. circleing Tasha and sat in front. Tasha looked around and began speaking when everyone was gathered. "Today, as most of you know. Most of the wolves from this pack went to go spy on the Yin's" the wolves there nodded and started lashing they're tails. Tasha growled and barked out "Quiet! I'm not finished!" They stopped lashing they're tails and continued listening. "Our delta and beta wient with them. The patrol came back a few hours ago. And learned that our beta and delta died." Angry growls and snarls rose around her and other voiced they're opinions.
"Those Yin's have been bad news from the start!"
"An attack should be launched!"
"Who will be the next Delta and Beta?!"
"It's about time the Yin's were put in they're place!"
Tasha bared her teeth. And her aura rose up menaceingly. "Quiet!" She barked out and the other wolves whimpered, and shut they're jaws. She continued once everyone was quiet.  "The Yin's did not kill them. Something else did. Something we have never seen. The markings out they're bodys were.... Unusual. They had holes in they're bodys. and they're legs were bent. Far out of shape." The sourrounding wolves started murmering. Tasha continued "There is only one being we know of that could have caused this..." She trailed off as the others murmers quieted down "The Guardian" Howls of uproar sounded.
"How?! The Guardian's are dead!"
"The Guardian's don't attack! They defend!"
"Why are the Guardian's here now?! And not when we needed them?!"
Tasha sighed. When the uproar didn't die down. IronStripe barked out "Quiet! Let her finish!" The howls died down. But the lashing tails didn't stop. Tasha continued. "I want patrol's around our forest. Stepped up a notch. And bigger group's will go. Apperentice's will be taught non-stop and warrior's will keep they're ear's pricked. And sleep with one eye open! I don't want to live a repeat of The Great War" The other wolves nodded they're approval. But SparrowClaw was confused. 'The Great War? What is that? A war obviusly. But still. The Guardian's? Was that who I saw looking at me? I'll have to ask IronStripe later' She thought. Tasha spoke up again. "The new Delta and Beta, will be IronStripe and SeaCrystal! May The Guardian's be with you always" As she finished, howls of approval reached the pink sky. As IronStripe and SeaCrystal stepped up proudly. Tasha touched her nose to between they're ears. And nodded. IronStripe smiled a small smile. And SeaCrystal, smiled and nodded gratefully. SparrowClaw, TreeSong, LionClaw, BrambleShadow, And WildSky. Howled the loudest for they're parents. After the congradutlations had finished Tasha barked out; "Alright people! The night sky won't bring itself up! IronStripe, SeaCrystal, WildSky, LionClaw, MoonPaw, GraySun, DarkKnight, And SparrowClaw! You will accompany me to the great valley to bring up the night sky" She said getting up. SparrowClaw shivered with exciment. Her first ritual! She bonded after her mother and father through the thick tree line out of the denning area. It's was a good long run until they reached the meadow. Tash halted her team with a flick of her tail. She narrowed her eyes at the group of Yin's in the meadow. Prepareing to leave. She turned to her team. "Now listen! This is sacred ground and no blood will be spilled here" She warned. The wolves nodded. And she led her team out of the bushes. Right away SparrowClaw recignized. A Yin pack leader. SteelTail. And his Delta and Beta; ScarFur, and IcePaws. Tasha approached with a calm look on her face. "Leave Yin's. The night sky is our job." SteelTail growled. "I don't need to be told by the likes of you. Let's go!" He barked and charged into the clear bright forest they live in. SparrowClaw caught sight of a she-wolf rolling her eyes as SteelTail growled at Tasha. She had a black tipped tail, and ears, and she had a necklace that head a wolf head charm, and a half moon charm. SparrowClaw nodded at her, and she stifled a chuckle. She watched as the she-wolf took off with her team into the forest. tasha snorted and turned to her team. "Alright people. SparrowClaw take the south-west position. LionClaw the west. IronStripe, North. SeaCrystal. North-west. WilSky. South. MoonPaw. South-east. DarkKnight. North-east. GraySun. East." As she spoke the wolves took off into they're positions. Tasha walked to the middle and stood still. Her aura begining to flare up. SparrowClaw let her aura spread out and looked around the area. She froze when she saw two pair's of eyes this time. One the same Icey blue. the other a vibrant green. She shook her head and returned to focuseing on the job. When the other's began howling. she joined in. A dark misty aura formed around they're necks. And flowed up over they're heads. To where they're mouths were. The energy poured out from them and went up into the sky a ways before flowing back down and landing on Tasha. When she opened her eyes they were a solid black. She howled up into the sky and the dark energy turned a darker color. And shot up into the sky. When it got high enough. It hit the sky and spread out. Eventually all around the forest these dark energy's poured into the sky. After a few minutes. the entire sky was a dark navy blue. And had twinkleing stars littering the night sky. A silvery energy shot up and created the moon in the dark sky. soon the energy's faded and returned to they're owners. Tasha sighed looking up. "Our job is done" She said her eyes turning back to they're sparkling purple color. And she lead her team back to denning sight. SparrowClaw trotted happily behind LionClaw. Her first ritual was a success! Sparrowclaw couldn't wait to tell the other apperentice's. As they reached camp they walked in and the other wolves trotted out. A senior warrior named; TimeStopper. Trotted over to Tasha "A successs. I see. Any trouble from the Yin's?" Tasha shook her head. "And the Guardian's? Did you see either?" Tasha shook her head again. "So far a clear sky. We will see what tomorrow brings" She said as the wolves started heading to they're respective dens. SparrowClaw, MoonPaw and DarkKnight headed for the apperentice's den. Just as SparrowClaw was about to enter the den she stopped. And trotted over to the Beta and Delta's den. It was time she knew what these Guardian's. And The Great War, were


HawkTalon charged through the dense forest of the Yang's forest. He leaped over a recently fallen oak, and came to a halt. Sniffing the air. He growled. 'Damnit Takara. She know's that now the Yang's will be awair of our precense. I must speak to her about this later' He thought as he continued his charge. He paused as he came to a pack's denning sight. He pricked his ears and crept up to the dense wall near a kill-pile. His eyes widened as he saw a young she-wolf. Bringing over a rather fat elk. His eyes glowed through the wall as he stared. the she-wolf must have spotted him. Because she froze and stared at him. She cocked her head to the side and returned his stare. He narrowed his eyes. 'Interesting... This one looks a bit like Takara....' He widened his eyes. 'SparrowClaw!' He thought and looked over. He narrowed his eyes again. 'IronStripe' He thought. The wolf in question must have seen his eyes. Because he growled and barked. "SparrowClaw! Come it's time to bring up the night sky!" HawkTalon growled and disappeared when, the she-wolf glanced at her father. HawkTalon charged through the dense forest. To the Yin's. He squinted his eyes when he entered the bright clear forest. 'I never knew why Takara liked this forest' He thought and continued his race through the forest. Soon he caught Takara's scent and swerved towards it. Once he reached her he stopped in front of her. She came to a halt from her trot and looked at him, like he had grown another head. "Have you lost it? A Yang. In the Yin's forest. Wow you're time came a lot sooner then I thought it would." He growled. "No! Follow me you thick headed wolf" Takara just rolled her eyes and followed. They reached the Sacred clearing and crouched down. HawkTalon narrowed his eyes at the remaining Yin's finishing up, bringing the sunset. Takara, sensing his unease. Smacked his back with her tail. She growled "Cut it out. Remember you're not an apperentice" HawkTalon growled. He hated it when she pulled that trick. They watched as Tasha confronted the Yin's and SteelTail snapped at her. Takara narrowed her eyes. "I've never seen an agrresive Yin leader.." She trailed off thinking. HawkTalon looked at her. "You saw him as a pup. Didn't you?" Takara nodded. "One of the time's you sent me scouting. I saw him. I've never seen any kind of darkness or that kind of ambition in a Yin's pup. I'm begining to think the there are two YinYang's that aren't totally loyal, to they're packs." HawkTalon nodded. He knew exactly, who those wolves were. "He may cause trouble... Have you found an apperentice?" He asked. Takara nodded and flicked her tail at a young she-wolf. Silently chatting with SparrowClaw. She was white, with black ear tips, and tail tip. She had a necklace that had a wolf head and a half moon charms on it. She also had steel bands on her front ankles with spikes on them. HawkTalon guessed that SparrowClaw hadn't seen them. He narrowed his eyes. 'unusual in a Yin. Not so uncommon in a Yang' He looked over at SparrowClaw. And let a smirk creep up on his muzzle. 'Those two will make fine apperentice's. The only trouble will be IronStripe' He thought growling in IronStripe's direction. Takara looked over and narrowed her eyes "SparrowClaw eh? You worried about IronStripe?" She asked looking back over as the Yin's took they're leave. HawkTalon didn't take his eyes off the Yang's. "He might be a problem" He replied. They quieted as the wolves took they're positions. He saw SparrowClaw freeze again. But shake it off after a few moments. the two watched as they did they're ritual. And begin to make the journey home. Takara had her eyes wide and she had her muzzle open. "I've never seen a Yang ritual... I have to say it's beautiful" She said looking up at the night sky. HawkTalon just grunted. And stood up. Shaking his pelt. "Snow-season is coming. The apperentice's must be taught now. Before the snow drift's begin to pile up. Go find you're apperentice. And meet me at Oak Glade" He told her. Takara nodded and took off. "And make sure you don't kill any Yang's!" He howled after her. She barked signaling that she heard. And he too charged off into the dense forest. To retrieve his new apperentice.

EDIT: Okay so I forgot to add what the guardian's were doing at the time ^^; clumsy me! But any who. I has added it now

Okay's so this is chapter 1. Tell me what you guys think!

The Guardian (c) me
the picture (c) :iconguiga360:
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