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December 29, 2011
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NightWhisper walked wearily into her nest and flopped down. Soon the senior warriors piled into the den. StripedPelt flopped over next to her and the two quickly fell asleep.


NightWhisper woke up with a jolt and nudged StripedPelt
"What? NightWhisper? I'm trying to sleep!" the black striped warrior rolled over. NightWhisper poked her roughly with her paw "Come on! TearStar's sommuning the clan and it's sunhigh!" The two were normally the first awake in the camp. StripedPelt got up and walked out with NightWhisper. The cats had congridagated below Hill-Stone. NightWhisper looked down and TimePaw MoonPaw and WinterPaw were sitting proudly under it. TearStar began talking.
"The three of you have learned what it is to be warriors and obey the warrior code. And you have showed you're bravery and loyalty to the clan." MoonPaw tried her best to look lke her older sister. But failed miserably as she sat giddy with excitment. Her happy brother sitting proudly next to her.
"MoonPaw TimePaw and WinterPaw do the three of you promise to uphold the warrior code and pledge you're loyatly to the clan. Even at the cost of you're lives?" The three apperentices nodded. "Then I. TearStar. Leader of ShadowClan commend my warrior ancestors to look down upon these cats no longer as apperentices but as full-fledged warriors. I give you you're warrior names" The three cats look up expectantly at the leader. She sat proudly as she pronounced they're names.
"MoonPaw. You have shown you're loyatly and you're fury you unleash on those who offend you. Therefore. I give you the name of MoonFury." MoonFury smiled and purred her thanks. "TimePaw. You have shown you're wisdom and you're kindness therefore. though you are not a leader. I give you the name of TimeStar" TimeStar's eyes went wide before he smiled and loudly purred his thanks. "WinterPaw. You have shown you're loyatly you're respect. And you're ferocity. Therefore I give you the name WinterIce" WinerIce purred his thanks and NightWhisper felt a wave of relief wash over her like a rivers waters. She wouldn't have to resent him. "Tonight you will sit vigil while we sleep but because it is still sunhigh you may go about you're daily rituals" TearStar lept down and began meowing with SpiritWind. nightWhisper walekd forward and meowed her condragulations to her litter-mates before congradulateing WinterIce. He nuzzled her fondly. She was a bit shocked but returned the show of affection. MoonFury looked over and narrowed her eyes at this. NightWhisper noticed and pulled back in favor of asking the troop
"Wanna go on a hunting patrol?" Moonfury, StripedPelt, TimeStar and WinterIce yowled in agreement and the troop pelted out the tunnel and headed for the hunting grounds with NightWhisper in the lead.
They stopped at the marsh. "Okay I'll take WinterIce and head out towards pine tree. StripedPelt you take MoonFury and TimeStar into the marsh it'll take all three of you to catch anything there" The cats nodded and she sprung off with WinterIce behind her. they reached PineTree and while NightWhisper was in a crouch. WinterIce pounced on her the two started rolling and he lashed his tail playfully. NightWhisper gasped with surprise and glared up at him playfully "Hey! U big lug!" She giggled and the two stared rolling around. Soon the WinterIce pinned her down "I win" She grunted in defeat and waited as her got off and the two went back to hunting.


Soon the troop returned. With three rabbits. Two sparrows a vole. And Four mice. NightWhisper carried a rabbit on her back and three of the mice in her mouth jaws crammed. How they came up with that idea she didn't know. They dropped they're catch on the fresh-kill pile. SpiritWind bounded over and yowled "It's a feast!" He threw a rabbit over to the queens coming out and a rabbit to the elders. The warriors plucked they're food out. NightWhisper and WinterIce shared the last rabbit. And MoonFury StripedPelt and TimeStar came to join them. The warriors layed down in a circle munching happily and meowing. TearStar got her vole last and went to join her senior warriors. Soon the cats faded away and TimeStar MoonFury and WinterIce went to sit vigil. NightWhisper went back to the warriors den with StripedPelt. But before anyone could do anything a she-cat pelted into the camp whirling around and attacking a white rogue cat. The she-cat was black with odd purple colored markings. Soon the she-cat killed the rogue and TearStar approached "Who are youtear and why are you here?" The young she-cat didn't back down. "EmberSoul. and'  i came to join you're clan. I found this rogue on you're territory and it chased me here" TearStar looked her over. The muscles were visible on the she-cat and she didn't smell like a kittypet 'Rogue' she thought. She nodded knowing this was a cat she could trust "Very Well welcome to ShadowClan EmberSoul" The she-cat smiled and went to clean up her mess. Once she returned TearStar meowed "three of our newest warriors are sitting vigil tonight. You may join them" EmberSoul nodded and went to join them. the warriors greeted her happily as she sat down. NightWhisper went back to bed. Her head swimming with thoughts. But as soon as she layed down she was asleep
Ok I'm tired and my moms bein a entire butthole. Oh btw I DUN OWN WARRIORS OR EMBERSOUL EmberSoul belongs to :iconmycatsharted: AND WARRIORS BELONGS TO ERIN HUNTER there
Mycatsharted Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student Artist
hey! thatnks for useing meh char. ^^ thx!!
Lurkassa Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 np It's gonna b fun using her *evil grin*
Mycatsharted Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Student Artist
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