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Lady Jasmine dashed through the castle halls. Thirty gaurds a few meters behind her where yelling for her to stop. finally after a time she got annoyed by they're constant screaming so she stopped, Whirled around to face the gaurds chaseing her, Muttered something, with her hands forming a triangle in front of her, BOOM. The thirty gaurds went flying into the wall. She nodded, Being satisfied with her work, And continued to make her way through the collums and rooms and halls to the throne room.
"ok king weather or not i have your approval im setting out to find my apperentace! now are you going to defy me, and have me expelled from the shifter warshadows?! or will you simply let me go rescue her?!" Lady Jasmine yelled in the kings face. She had entered the throne room without removeing her cloak or paying respect to her king. Instead she walked quickly to the stone table in front of the throne, Slammed a parchment down on the table underneath her hand, And yelled in his face.
"Lady Jasmine. First of all we've been through this already. Second of all how dare you barge in here, like its your house and yell in our presence?!" the king replied gestureing to himself and his wife. "oh so what ive never really appriecated your rules! Now shall i expell myself from the warshadows?! or will you allow me to go help her without any unpleasentness?" Lady Jasmine asked with the parchment still underneath her hand. The was a long akward silence in the room the Kings and Jasmines eyes not wavering from each other. I cant just let her go. Shes the best in the corps! The king thought.
"No. I will not let you go and run after a few students! they chose to risk they're lives for they're kingdom! it was they're choice and theres alone. They're probably dead any ways. its no use just running to go find a few corpses in the middle of no where!" The king said with a furious look on his face. Combined with hope that he hadnt said to much. Lady Jasmine stood straight up. She was taller then most and certainly taller then the king, Witch normally made him mad.
"She is no student! you yourself said she was the most gifted shifter you've ever met! I was planning on makeing her my daughter! you pig headed swine! her and her friends could have been your most powerful weapon in the upcomeing war! but you totally ignore that fact and went ahead and called her just another student!" Lady Jasmine replied. She was furious with the king. Every one in the kingdom knew that Leopard and her friends were powerful and never challegned them to prove it in a playful duel. LeopardMask and Jasmine were very good friends, almost like mother and daughter, The two had been at eachothers side from the moment they met and Jasmine wasnt about to leave Leopards'.
"Ok Jasmine thats enough either you apologize for your behavior or leave to be killed by the humans! make your choice" The king said standing up knocking his chair over. Jasmine had gone to far in calling him 'pig headed swine' and that was cause enough for death in the shifter clan.
"alright ill go!" Jasmine replied throwing the parchment into the Kings face. "but first read that! her friends made it back and gave a full report. Read it!" Jasmine said throwing her cowl back showing her fuirous features. The king picked up the prachment off of the floor and read the report. After a few minutes he rolled up the report, and handed it to the servent next to him.
"Ok Jasmine why didnt you show me this in the first place?" The king asked. "because you were to thick to see it in my hand when I came in!" Jasmine replied sternly. "Alright fair enough. But you made your choice. So you have exactly seventy three hours to leave the shifter clan territory, If you fail to do so you will be executed" The king said waveing his hand in dismiss. Lady Jasmine nodded, Then proceded to leave the throne room when she thought to do somthing. She whirled around marched up to the king and slapped him.
"you've never left a child out in the hands of the humans to die. Shame on you if you ever do that again" Jasmine said quietly with her face in his.
"be gone Jasmine and dont return for a time period of two years" The king said calmy. Jasmine spit in his eye and walked out of the throne room.......

Jasmine glanced around her bedroom. Everything but the bed. She thought as she finished packing a painted picture of her, LeopardMask, Guiga, River, ScarHeart, Justin, HawkIce, IceMask and Lerseron Standing in front of the pet stables it was the day they all came to the orphanage. She smiled at the thought of the seven children running, around dueling eachother when they had just started they're leasons.
"Jasmine! Jasmine! what in the devil were you doing back at the throne room?! what were you thinking" Lerseron said walking into her room without warning. Jasmine turned to look at him. By the time he had walked in tears had been streaking down her face.
"Jasmine? what are you doing?" Lerseron asked siting down next to her. The two had been friends ever since they had started shifter training. They shared eachothers secrects and protected eachother when the wild cats and the humans first started to attack. They've grown up into teachers now and protect they're younger students. They've extremley close ever since they're parents died in a attack on Deathgrip Valley it gets its name from the vines that grow there. The vines seem to be alive most of the time. Because they can reach down, pick up a traveler and choke them to death.
"so we'll stay at eachother's backs until we both die?" She had asked Lear when the two had moved into they're own houses.
"of course! we'll be friends until the bitter end" He had replied. Now she felt like she had betrayed him by getting banashed for two years and even then she probably wouldnt return.
"Jasmine? what have you done? what were you planning on doing after two years? no one would except you" Lerseron asked Jasmine.
"I-I just wanted to go help Leopard and her friends, They've been loyal to the shifter clan ever since the day they were excepted into the school. I couldnt just leave her to die. Now that I've waited so long to get myself banashed shes captured and i feel like its my fault" Jasmine replied putting her head in her hands.
"So what do you plan on doing?" He asked. "I just plan on. Packing up my things. Then heading for the human territory." She replied getting up. "But Jasmine. When two years is up. You'll be looked as a traitor, and not helpful, like you always were" He continued standing up and moveing to the kitchen. Jasmine stopped him, by tripping him with her boot, "Yes I cooked all of the. Students and your, Favorite dishes. No you may not have them now." She said moveing towards the door. Lady Jasmine was also, Known for her cooking. Before she became top shifter. She was top cook. Lerseron got up and dusted himself off. "how many pies?" He asked. Jasmine smiled and replied. "ten, should last you long enough" She snapped her fingers. And she was gone.
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