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"Hey fat head! whens breakfast im starveing" Dusk said grinning. "watch that tone pretty boy. You might just lose the ability to speak, If you keep calling me names" Abigal replied shoveing her cowl back. "oh come on let us out! my legs are cramping." Dusk continued. Abigal gently touched Kings'Stone. on his shoulder, to get him to stop. It took Stone all of two seconds to come to a complete stop.
"Alright... Stop the wagon! we're takeing a break!" Abigal hollered. At that moment. Leopard could see a birth mark on her neck. Her eyes widened slightly, To see that it was the same as hers'. A wolf tail.
"Hey umm. Miss whats your name?" Leopard asked. Abigal dismounted, and walked over to the cage. "I believe I should ask that first young shifter. Whats your name. What family?" Abigal asked, studying the young girl in front of her. " My names LeopardMask. LeopardMask Pirkell." She replied with a smile on her face. "Mask dont respond to her. Shes the one who captured us" Dusk said glaring at Abigal. Abigal raised one eyebrow. "after the hospitality ive shown you? Oh come now Dusk. Show a bit of respect. I've been ordered to get the five warshadows. And the girl named LeopardMask. Down to King SharpHorn. So dont give me any trouble. Its about the war comeing up. I'm not sure what its about, But i do know your kind is rediculus." Abigal said with a threatening tone. Then she went to the cage door, Muttered something, And the five shifters had wrist bands on, After being satisfied that the spell would keep them from running to far, She opened the door and the five shifters jumped out, happy to be free from a confined space, They jumped around and receled each other. Well at least the four warshadows did. Leopard, knowing she couldnt go back to her friends and family, She just walked over to a near-by tree, and sat down. Dusk soon realized that Leopard wasnt playing, and went to go sit by her.
"Mask whats wrong?" Dusk asked. Leopard glanced at him and then replied. "I miss my friends and family. I especially miss my sis and HawkIce" Dusk looked at her curiously. "Who's HawkIce?" He asked. Leopard chuckled. "He's a good friend. He was there when the wild cats took me. He got to me just to late" She replied getting tears in her eyes. "But hey I've got my brother" She continued, Leaning on him. Dusk looked suprised, but wraped her in a hug. "yea. Every one will get home soon" He replied. "ok suger plum. My names Abigal DeathWish" Abigal said. She had walked up to the two, After she had un saddled her horse, To see what they were doing. "I thought you were DustDevil" Leopard replied grinning. "what do you mean. You thought she was DustDevil?" Dusk asked stareing at her curiously, With one eyebrow raised. "the castle guards, Back at the shifter kingdom, Talk about a shifter, That was near death from a poison, in human territory on a mission,  with a few warshadows, Had turned to the humans side, for the price of life and her sibling left alive, and serves them. They never found out her name. But they say she is more deadly then a falling cliff" Dusk raised both of his eyebrows, and looked at Abigal. "so is Abigal your real name?, or is it fake." He asked. Abigal drew her dagger and put it to his throat, in the blink of an eye.
"Abigal, Is my name! swine! there will be no more talk, on the matter" She threatened. Dusk looked at her not willing to give up.
"ok kidies, thats all the time we have for today" Leopard said pushing the two apart. Abigal gave her a quick glare. And then sheathed her dagger. "we're moveing out here in fifteen minutes. Love birds." Abigal snarled. "we're brother and sister, Abigal!" Dusk snapped back. " alright you two. just be ready to get back in the cage" Abigail replied with a threatening tone.

A few hours later they were on the move again. A few more hours later they were at the human kingdom.
"alright bring em out, chain them, and follow me." Abigal barked. The gaurds followed her orders quickly, And soon they were in the human throne room. It was twice as big as the shifters. The walls were painted light blue, With red stars on it. On the back of the wall at the far side of the room, just above the throne, was a giant picture of a grey horse. It had navy blue eyes. On her rump was white spots and the tip of her tail was white. Her ankles were white as well. And around her neck was a necklace with three charms on it. Wolf teeth, one white one black and the third one was a arrow head. the horse had white swirrls on her legs that wraped around them. And she had a swirrl around her neck the came up and wraped around her left eye. Leopard gasped when she saw the painting and recignized it as Hannah. Her best friend for life. Hannah was adopted but she had formed friends with the orphan children for almost all her life and her and Leopard. Had gotten together better then most kids and adopted children.
Dusk nudged her. And jerked his head towards Abigal, who was talking with the king. "Real show off. Abigal is" He said gritting his teeth in annoyance. I nodded then stopped as we came to the center of the throne room. While all the guards and such, who had brought them here, Kneeled before they're king. Leopard. Dusk and the others stood, with angry expressions on they're faces. The king smiled and stood. He was rather tall with a kind look on his face. He wore clothing that you would expect on a. Adviser or a Advisers son. He wore a normal, leather, Jerkin. With brown breeches and a broadsword at his hip. He didnt ware his crown and such, that you would expect on a king. His hair was amber and he looked singal for there was a second throne but no queen.

"Abigal. Thank you for bringing the shifters here" He said turning to Abigal and shook her hand. they must have a different way of showing graditude. Leopard thought. The king nodded and walked towards Dawn'sDusk. They had'nt chained they're feet so Dusk tryed to kick him. But the guards grabbed him before he could. His eyes were a fiery blood red. He was incredibly mad.
"So this must be the young lad, Who caused you so much touble, on the way here" The king said rubbing his chin. Abigal tightened her fists. "He wasnt anything, We couldnt handle, Though" She said folding her arms. The king nodded and studying Dusk. "Dawn'sDusk i just want you to know, Your sister made it, Shes alive" He said stepping back a bit. Dusk's eyes softened slightly. And he gave up on trying to break free of the two guards grip. The guards released him. and stepped back. The king smiled and went around to study all the others. After a few minutes he came to LeopardMask. He looked a bit suprized.
"So whats your name. Little one?" He asked kindly. Leopard glared at him for a moment then replied. " LeopardMask Pirkell" The kings eyes widened. He muttered something. Then signaled for the guards to remove the chains binding us. The moment Dusk, went to harm the king, a force stopped him dead in his tracks. He gritted his teeth again then stepped back. The king smile had turned to a frown.
"So your the ones, who is said, that can save the four clans!" He said. Leopard looked suprised. "Save the clans?" She asked. The king nodded. "Yes!. It is said that the girl named LeopardMask and nine of her friends would bring stop the war against the four clans!" Leopard looked confused and the king nodded. "you all must promise you wont harm any human" He said. Dusk frowned. But nodded. As did the others. The king nodded and released the spell. "come with me!" He said. They all ran, through the halls of the castle, for a few minutes, Before reached a large room. With shelves full of old scrolls. The king lead them all, with a torch, over to a area and then grabbed a couple of the scrolls. He un rolled them on a large reading table.
"this is the history, of what really happened, the day the alliance was made, between the human clan, and the wild cats clan," He said stepping back. Leopard stepped forward and scanned the scroll. Her eyes widened as she read further and further into the scroll. After a few minutes she finished reading it and stepped back. Took a deep breath then said.
"You mean to say. That the wild cat clan forced the human clan into fighting against the other two!"
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