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HawkIce leaned up against the fence and stared at the elk grazeing. Hannah passed by Hawk and saw River, in her horse form, walking out of the shifter gates. Hannah shifted into her horse form and loped up to River. "Hey. Mind if i walk with you?" she asked. River looked at her and shook her head. "No not at all i was just going for a walk in the forest" River explained. Before setting out with Hannah. Rivers horse form was pure white. With almost glowing yellow eyes. they walked for a while chatting and laughing. When they were on they're way back Hannah said "So did you hear the rumours about the king?" River looked at her as if she had suggested she jump off a cliff. "No" she replied. Hannah nodded and continued "They're saying he's a fake"

Mean while.....

"THE KINGS A FAKE?!" LeopardMask yelled at Sharphorn. SharpHorn nodded sadly. "The wild cats, saw that you were planning to send some shifters to retreave the plans. So they took it as an oppourtunity to send in a fake" He paused looking over the group. Leopard was looking at him. Her eyebrows furrowed in a frown, and her face looked as if she was ready to kill him. "but the real shifter king is fine!" he said reasureingly. Leopard nodded and relaxed a little. Dusk was stareing at him with a confused look on his face "so how did you come to get him in?" he asked. SharpHorn looked at him and grinned a little. "it was extreamly hard, but we managed at night" He replied. Dusk threw his hands to the heavens and turned around looking over at a book in its place, on a shelf. He paused and looked at the title, hands still in the air.....There was no title! he tuged it out and put it down on the table. He jutted a thumb at it.
"What the heck is that? theres no title" he asked, his eyebrows now furrowed in a frown. Sharo horn glanced at it, and gulped. "Thats the book about the sacred charms." he replied. Leopard's eyes widened and she started flipping through the pages. "This might be the key to stoping the war" she said stopping on a page. Sharphorn and the others leaned down, over her shoulder, looking at it closely. The page had a picture of three charms. A black wolf tooth. A white wolf tooth. And a arrow head.
"how is this going to help? We dont even know where those charms are!" Lurkassa said, Looking over the page. Leopard was already shakeing her head. "i know where they are....But i can only get to them by getting my friends. Back in the shifter kingdom" She looked at Sharphorn. He shook his head "no way! the moment you get back to your kingdom, They're going to come after the humans! Theres no way your leaveing" He replied standing up straight. Leopard frowned, She knew what she had to do... "if you let me go back and get the charms...After the war is stoped Ill be your assasin" She said clenching her fists. Sharphorn raised an eyebrow. "how do I know you'll come back?" he asked. "I swear Ill come back. A shifter doesnt go back on its word" She replied. SharpHorn knew that it was true. He had seen countless shifters, Give they're word to do something, And get the job done, Even if it ment it died. He nodded
"Deal" he said handing her, Her weapons. She took them and nodded. She was about to walk out the door when she stopped and looked at SharpHorn over her shoulder. "oh and by the way...Wheres DustDevil?" She asked. SharpHorn grinned "She really is good...." he muttered to himself. "Oh Abigal's really DustDevil" he said shruging. Just at that moment, Abigal walked in. She gritted her teeth. She had heard what SharpHorn said, And now Dusk was looking at her smileing.
"DUSTDEVIL!!!!!!" he said hugging her. "Hey big bro" She said hugging back. "im so glad your alright" he said about to cry, He was so happy. Leopard smiled. DustDevil, Was the only family Dusk had left. And she knew, He wasnt about to give her up.
"So. Where are the charms?" Larentey asked. Stepping infront of SharpHorn. Leopard jerked back to attention. "in a cave.. Me and my friends found them when we were three. We didnt know what it ment, but we kept them." Leopard replied. Larentey nodded. "We'll stay here and work on getting, King IceShadow. Back behind shifter lines. And into the castle." Larentey looked at SharpHorn. "so wheres' he at?" She asked. Leopard was stuffing the book, About the three charms, Into her bag.
"you give the shifters word?" SharpHorn asked her once more. Leopard paused what she was doing. If she truelly gave her word, That ment as soon as the WildCats were forced back into they're territory, That ment she would have to come back. And allow herself to forget she was ever a shape shifter.... She would have to forget Hannah, ScarHeart, Guiga, Justin, IceMask, River, Meneta. And HawkIce....When she realized that SharpHorn, Was still waiting for an answer, She took a deep breath. "I give my word" She replied and finished putting the book in her bag. DustDevil stared at her confused. She had heard the rumors of how many friends. Leopard had. And she knew how close she was to them. And now she was giving them up, To save the kingdoms. If it were her in Leopard's place. She would have made it in her favor. She would have gone back and stayed.
"I'll be back within five weeks." Leopard finally said. Her voice shakeing. SharpHorn nodded. "Lets go get King IceShadow" He turned to Leopard. For a moment he regreted makeing her stay as an assasin. Leopard was giving up everything just to make him happy. He couldnt' understand it. He was a total stranger and an enemy. Yet she gave up her life as a more-then-likley warshadow. To save an enemy clan from distruction if they tryed to force the wildcats back into they're rightfull kingdom, And give back the shifters and the horses territorys. He shook his head. He would need assasins, When the wildcats were forced back. If his clan were to survive a revenge attack.
Leopard nodded. And walked out the door heading for the stables. Dusk shook his head and started walking with SharpHorn. 'what is she going to do when she gets out?' he thought to himself.
Leopard walked into the stables. "you can have any pick of a horse. Just make sure you pick three." SharpHorn had told her when they had agreed to make her, An assasin. "why three?" she asked. "because if you take three. They can alarm you to wildcats better. Any human they will ignore because they're friend. One you will ride. One you will use as a pack horse. And one you will use as a alarm bell" He had replied. Leopard knew the human horses would look different from the horses from the clan. The horses the humans had were either bred because the horse clan allowed them, A male and a female, Or they were subdued. The horses here would have unusual colors or markings. Or they were cross breeds. Some of the horses would have swirl-like markings up they're legs or on they're sides. Some would be a cross breed between a zerba and a pure white stallion. Some would be a regular bucksin, With vibrant green eyes and a vibrant green diamond like mark on they're fore heads. Those were the markings on the horses she was looking for. Those markings ment the horse were healthy and strong. She walked through the stables, And as she went the horses would nicker in greeting. She stoped at a stall and looked at the tag on the door. "cross breed between a zebra and a pure white throrough bred" it read at the breed. "gender: female" it read at another line. "name: Abby" Leopard looked into the stall standing on her tip toes, To be able to see through the bars. The horse was mainly white. She had strips in seven spots. Two on her rump. One on her stomach. One on her shoulder. And three up on neck. The strips streched on both sides but went about three quarters on the way down. She had two black socks on her front left ankle and back right ankle. On her front right ankle she had a black mark that went up to about her knee and on her back left ankle it went just a bit higher. The horse perked her ears and looked at Leopard. around her nostrils was black and she also had a black strip down her forhead. Her mane and tail were cream and her hoof color was especially un-normal. Were the smaller socks were on her front left and back right ankles. Her hooves were also cream. But where there was the longer socks on her front right and her back left ankles her hooves were black. Leopard got a good look at her eyes. One was navy blue and the other was pupel-less. But all together. This horse was very healthy friendly and strong. Leopard smiled and pulled a carrot out of her bag. She offered it to the horse. The horse didnt need to sniff it took it happely. Leopard smiled as it crunched away on the carrot. She looked at the tag and there was a small line for some one to claim the horse at. In the human kingdom there was no money so there was no poor. And no one was a thief because of the gaurds. Leopard grabed the pencil hanging next to the card and put her name on it. Abby would make a fine horse. She petted Abby and then continued down the line. It didnt take her long to find a bucksin stallion with vibrant green eyes and the same color green diamond. On his forehead. He perked his ears and raised his head from eating the hay on the floor of his stall. Leopard smiled and started reading the card on his stall. "Name: WildSky. Gender: Male. Age: Two years. Breed: Cross between a thorobred and a bucksin." it read. Her smile widened. He was about as tall as the quarter horses back in the shifter kingdom. And if he was a cross between a throrobred and a bucksin. That ment he was a pretty fast hardy horse. She grabbed the pencil and signed her name on his card as well. She petted him and moved on down the line. It took her a little while to find a pretty little mustang. The horse was a bit brighter then a bucksin and her mane and tail were white. She had a white ring of fur around her chest and withers and on her sides were two blue swirls on either side, That joined on her back. On her legs there were also blue swirl-like markings. Her hooves were black as well and she had a white blaze that went from just above her eyes to down below her nostrils. Leopard looked at the card on her stall. "Name: OceanBreeze. Gender: Female. Age: Two years. Breed: A cross between a mustang and a bucksin." it read. She smiled. This would make an excellent pack and alarm horse. She signed her name on this one too. And went to the tack room. After a little while she had finished marking the bridles and halters that she wanted. She didnt want any saddles or blankets for the horses should would ride. She prefered to ride bare back. She walked a little ways to the attendants desk. He nodded and got up to go find the horses she had signed on. "must have been doin this for a while." she thought to herself. After a little while he re appeared with the three horses, with they're tack on. OceanBreeze was the pack horse and Abby and WildSky only had bridles on. He handed them to her and put a small bag of oats in OceanBreezes' pack.
"Good picks. These horses will serve you well." he said smiling. Leopard nodded and thanked him. Then she took them outside and mounted Abby. "Ok guys take me to the shifter castle as fast as you can." The horses seemed to under stand her and took off. These horses were the fastest Leopard had ever riden. Not one of them laged behind. They were in total sink. After riding for about two days only stoping at night to rest the horses for tomorrow. She reached the Shifter kingdom. She stoped the horses on a hill and saw the castle. She was riding WildSky and he was panting. Seeing that she was so close she dicieded to go ahead and rest the horses. "Tomorrow we reach the kingdom and get the charms" She told the horses.
There ya have it chapter 13. Please leave a comment and tell me what u think!!!

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