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Lady Jasmine was siting on her knees with her eyes closed. Shape Shifters did this so they could look into the eyes of any shape shifter they had known for at least four weeks. Now she was looking for Leopard and the others, when she found them and had saw what Leopard was seeing, She snapped her eyes open, got up and started walking quickly to the throne room.
"your majesty I apolojize for my sudden entrance but I must leave" She said bowing to the king. The king looked at Lady Jasmine with a raised eyebrow
"and why is this?" He asked "my student LeopardMask the one on the mission for the enemys plans is in grave danger i must go help" She replied.
"No you are needed here Lady Jasmine there are more shifters to train we can not worry about a group of shifters right now you must stay here" He said. Lady Jasmine stared at the king for a long while a akward silence had stretched between them, when finally Lady Jasmine broke the silence.
"If Im going to go help her and her friends I need your permission! Now do I have it or not?!" Lady Jasmine said in a firm tone of voice. Lady Jasmine was known, for being one of the must stubbern bull headed strong willed shifters, in the entire clan of shifters.There was almost no one who denied the infomus Lady Jasmine, She could turn from gentle and kind to deadly and unforgiveing in a matter of seconds.
"no you do not you are to stay here a train to new students of the clan. If the other die they died for they're kingdom and clan!. Now go and teach!" the king said with a stern face.
"no I will not i-" Lady Jasmine began but the king cut her off short "you will stay here and thats final!" the king said standing up.
Lady Jasmine gave the king a disgusted look then turned around without bowing, and walked out of the throne room.
Sir Lerseron was waiting outside of the castle for Lady Jasmine.
"he dinied didnt he?" He asked "yes the fool he doesnt care about the students puting they're lives on the line for they're people i wish he would listen for once" Lady Jasmine replied "you saw Hawk didnt you?" She asked. Lerseron nodded and replied "he was trying to get to her when i broke off the conection" He said. Lady Jasmine and Sir Lerseron were walking down to road that led to the inn. "what are we going do?" Lady Jasmine asked to no one in particular as she looked up at the stars.
"all we can do for now is keep an eye on the students and hope for the best" Sir Lerseron replied. They now were at the inn to get breakfast before going to teach the new batch of shifters. Sir Lerseron pulled a chair back from its table for Lady Jasmine. She grinned and sat down in a different chair.
"ok not cool" Said Sir Lerseron laughing a little. Lady Jasmine laughed as well, Then Sir Lerseron sat down.
"hello what can i get you to drink this morning?" said the Waitress. "water if you could" Lady Jasmine said. "black coffee" Sir Lerseron said. The waitress nodded and said "Ill be right back with your drinks" Then the Waitress walked back into the kitchen to get the drinks.
"why do i get the feeling not all of our students will come back" Lady Jasmine said resting her chin on her folded hands that were braced on her elbows.
"i highly doubt that. I think all of them will return mission complete" Lerseron replied.
"maybe maybe not Im conserned out not only them but the king as well" Jasmine said Lerseron raised an eyebrow at the statement.
"what about the king?" He Said. "hes been acting strangley lately also that the wild cats came in such a large number to attack our students its as if they knew we were sending them..." Lady Jasmine suggjested.
"now that I think about it yeah that is odd" Lerseron replied. Jasmine nodded. After Lerseron had finished speaking, the waistress had come back with the drinks. "Here you are. Can I get you something to eat?" asked the waitress.
" eggs and bacon if you could" Lerseron replied. The waitress nodded and looked at Jasmine to see if she wanted something to eat. Lady Jasmine shook her head and said "nothing for me thank you" Lerseron looked at Jasmine in suprize.
"come on Jaz you've got to eat something you havent eatin ever since the students left" Lerseron said pleading for her to eat. Lady Jasmine shook her head. "first of all dont call me Jaz or your in trouble second I know Im just not hungry" She replied slumping down on the table. Lerseron frowned.
"dont call me lear" he replied. Lady Jasmine laughed a bit.
"its what the orphans call you I couldnt help it" She said grinning. Again Lerseron frowned and shook his head
"women" He muttered. The waitress came back with Lerserons eggs and bacon. He payed the bill and gave her a tip and started eating. The waitress walked over to the next table to get another order from another person.
"so what are you going to do about the king?" Lerseron asked before slipping another piece of bacon into his mouth.
"I dont know yet Ill probably just wait for now" She replied sighing. "its the only thing you can do for now Jasmine. Sometimes I think your on the brink of knocking out the king and going to help the students" Lerseron said in a low tone, so that only he and Jasmine could hear.
"yea some times I think Im on the brink of doing that to" She replied Chuckleing.
"Im going to go check on them. See if those wild cats were smart enough to let them alone" Lady Jasmine said as she was geting up. Lerseron nodded and continued eating his breakfast.
When Lady Jasmine reached the empty room the maid had shown her. She nodded and dissmissed the maid. She sat down after starting a fire and closed her eyes, searching for LeopardMask's eyes. She found them and looked into them.
Lerseron finished eating. He thanked the waitress for takeing his plate and asked her where he could find Lady Jasmine. The waitress told him where to find her, he thanked her again and walked to where the waitress said.
He opened the door, walked in and sat down next to Jasmine.
"well? did they give up?" He asked. Lady Jasmine, after a time, snapped her eyes open. When shape shifters were mad or worryed or angry at some one they're eyes would turn to the color of blood red. Lady Jasmines eyes were the blood red color.
"I have to get down to the students! NOW!" She yelled geting up, shifting into her Jaguar form and dashing out the door of the inn.
She was going to pay the king a visit.
Chapter 8. Hope its good!

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